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Apr '10

Travel Do’s and Don’ts: Guinea Pig Tasting

In Ecuador and Peru, I have seen an item on several menu’s called Kuy. When asking around, I discovered this was actually a guinea pig indigenous to the area. Something of a delicacy, and eaten only on special occasions, the guinea pig is served whole; ears, eyes, teeth, and claws all still attached. The following […]

Mar '10

Peru is F@#$%^&*ing Dangerous, and other well known facts.

When was the last time you used counterfit money to pay for something? When was the last time you saw a gunfight? When was the last time someone tried to kidnap you? Before today, I may not have been able to answer these questions, but now, thanks to the miracle of the Ecuador-Peru border near […]

Mar '10

Jumping off of things: Ecuador Edition

I feel I must tell you; there are a great many things to jump off of in Mindo. I, the intrepid explorer, have done my best to bring documentation of said things to you, my wonderful readers. Behold. Camera 1: If you think that was stupid, check out Camera 2: Ecuador rainstorms smell different. Rainstorms […]

Mar '10

The things you can see in Quito, Ecuador

Quito is a big city. It looks and feels like almost any large city in South Americs in some parts. That being said, it is set in an amazing valley that is absolutely breath taking once you get out of the city proper. Some of the parks have clever looking structures of wood, metal, and […]

Mar '10

The Jungle Plan: Ecuador and the Rio Negro

Dancing is not my forte. That being said, I actually like dancing, or at least the idea of it, quite a lot. Hence, my reason for coming to Cali; to take salsa lessons. Cali has become the beginning of so much more. The Guest House Iguana in Cali is a welcoming place filled with all […]