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About The Trip: Itinerary


So here it is. I finally got the site up and running and I have to explain to you what it’s about in less time than your attention span runs out.

I ran into a spot of life around my 27th year that seemed less than what I imagined my life should be. So I wrote a series of goals, some large, some small, and I accomplished all of them… almost.

  1. Get a college degree
  2. Learn to ride a motorcycle
  3. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  4. Learn a foreign language
  5. Go around the world

It’s this fifth and final item that I am working on at the moment.

Now granted, I have traveled a fair amount, even made it to Europe and Asia a few times, but never have I ever left and done the whole circuit. Here I go.

How did it happen?

In November 2009, I finished my contract at work and settled into a period of unrest. I felt like there was more to see than the walls of an office. I needed to do something to open myself up to new experiences, and move forward into MY future, instead of the  next job. In January 2010, I bought a plane ticket, registered a domain name, and said goodbye for a while.

What happened first?

My plane ticket was round trip to Belize; it was just cheaper than one way. From there I went overland to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, caught a plane to Colombia, and continued through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina; flying where necessary, but mostly on the same crazy bus, taxi, train, or 4×4 as the locals or local tourists.

What just happened?

Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. That’s a great deal of ground to cover, and due to budgetary restrictions, I had to cut some of my most asticipated (and expensive) destinations out of Africa. The trip looked something like this.

Flight from Argentina to the Southern USA, a bus to NYC, followed by planes to Iceland, England and Denmark and a train to Sweden. Plane to Germany followed by all manner of buses and trains through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina,and Croatia. I hopped a plane to Italy, then another to Morocco; which sadly concluded my African Adventure. I flew to Israel, then Turkey, then the United Arab Emirates, and landing in Malaysia to start the Asian Invasion.

What happens now?

The Asian Invasion. This part I love, because this is where YOU come in. I’m going to lay out the best guess at my travel dates for the remainder of my trip and all you have to do is decide what country you want to see and come meet me! Take a look.

  • Jan – Thailand
    • Highlight: Muay Thai/MMA training near Phuket
  • Feb – Cambodia and Laos
    • Not sure exactly where, sut Siem Reap, Vang Vien, Angor Wat and Nom Pen are all high on my list of wants.
  • March – Vietnam on two wheels
    • Highlight: Josh, Michelle, and wok helmets. Motorbiking across Vietnam.
  • April – Australia
    • Highlights: Barrier Reef and Opera in Sydney
  • May – New Zealand
  • June – USA
    • I get to attend one of my dearest friends weddings!
  • July – Canada
    • Highlights: Canada Day and the Calgary Stampede
  • Fall 2011 – Home
    • Wherever that may be.

I’ve said it before and I will probably say it again… if any of these places look good to you, hit me up! Let’s go see it! If you have any friends in any of these places that want to hang out or can help me get around, let me know. If you have any tips that will make my life easier (or cheaper) as I travel, let me know! I have met some amazing and inspiring people along the way already and I can’t wait to see who I meet next!

This is pretty big, but it is manageable. I expect it to take many months and most of my available money and patience. Even if it takes all that I own and more, in order to keep my promise to myself, it will be worth it.

Here’s a map of the places I have been so far.

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3 comments to “About The Trip: Itinerary”

  1. Steve B. Says:

    Annie e-mailed me your blog info. She asked if i could put you in touch with any of the people that I work with in Honduras. I wrote Dave C. through Facebook and gave him your e-mail address. Dave speaks fluent English, grew up in Guatemala and works for Heart to Honduras. Our ministry travels all over in Honduras as well as Costa Rica and Nicaragua. There are many very dangerous areas and Dave could be of great help to you. Once I hear back from him I’ll forward any contact info I can. He might try to e-mail you direct. Please be careful!
    Steve B.

  2. Jo Says:

    Wow! True to your word you are “certifiably awesome!” What a fabulous itinerary! I’m excited to see all your adventures unfold! 🙂

  3. Jenn Says:

    I didn’t take the chance to read this before. I’m proud of you. Your courage inspired me to reach my goals.
    Never stop to dream, TE QUIERO.

    I found this, hope you like it!

    Dare To Dream

    Let nothing hold you back from
    exploring your wildest fantasies,
    wishes, and aspirations.
    Don’t be afraid to dream big
    and to follow your dreams
    wherever they may lead you.
    Open your eyes to their beauty;
    open your mind to their magic;
    open your heart to their possibilities.

    Dare to dream.
    Whether they are in color
    or in black and white,
    whether they are big or small,
    easily attainable or almost impossible,
    look to your dreams,
    and make them become reality.
    Wishes and hopes are nothing
    until you take the first step
    towards making them something!

    Dare to dream,
    Because only by dreaming,
    will you ever discover
    who you are, what you want,
    and what you can do.
    Don’t be afraid to take risks,
    to become involved,
    to make commitment.
    Do whatever it takes to make
    your dreams come true.
    Always believe in miracles,
    and always believe in you!
    ~ Julie Anne Ford ~

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