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Mar '10

Downtime in Peru

Taking advantage of a sick day today. As I’m finally able to sit up straight, I’ll do what I can to catch you up on Peru.

After the mess at the Peruvian border I really didn’t want to like Peru. I thought I would breeze through here, hit Machu Pichu and head to Bolivia. Such is not the case.

Everytime I turn around in Peru, I find another reason to like this country. People are quite talkative, the country is quite lovely, and I find that, albeit infrequently, some of the Andean genes combine to create some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Couple that with good music and an appreciation for new artists and I’m quite enthused.

Lima was fun, all inclusive with the Colon Tour.

Arequipa has been doing some outsourcing to Japan for their sign creation. It’s beautiful. The city is great, and looks lovely at night, but calle San Francisco is a little rowdy at night. Roxy, the owner of a local hostel, took the day off to go around town with me, show me the sights, the street all the hookers hang out on, serve me my first chicken hamburger, and get me some frog juice. Semana Santa is starting, which basically means that everyone takes off and drinks for a week.

Following this bit of levity, do not forget to be aware when crossing borders or switching transportation. There is a concept called transitional vulnerability that applies here. similar to a butterfly leaving the cocoon for the first time, you are uncertain and marginally unaware of your surroundings at border crossings, or when leaving airports or bus/train stations. Always take a certified cab, or have a hotel or hostel call one for you. My new friend Doug from Norway was just robbed at gunpoint of EVERYTHING he had except his clothes and the 100 soles he had stuffed in his sock because he got in a fake cab. Be Careful!


3 comments to “Downtime in Peru”

  1. Jo Says:

    HA! Ok… I think it’s ironic that you went and took a colon tour then had a full body flush only hours later. 🙂 hehe… I hope you’re feeling better! Being besties with the toilet is not fun! 🙂

  2. Nani Says:

    Estoy contenta de leer que has encontrado diversion en el Peru a pesar de la experiencia negativa que sufristes al cruzar la frontera.

    He recibido la postal que me enviastes de Panama y tus comentarios son comicos como siempre. Para contestar tu pregunta, continuo viajando un fin de semana cada mes- y que mucho se goza! Aunque por ahora estoy viajando dentro de los Estados Unidos, pronto hare planes para salir del pais.

    Mientras tanto, tus relatos continuan siendo de inspiracion para mi. Por favor se cauteloso y no te confies demasiado no vaya a ser que pongas tu vida en peligro. Po aca, continuo pidiendo al universo que te proteja y que personas maravillosas guien cada paso de tu aventura.

    Lo quiero mucho, abrazos!

  3. Roxy Says:

    cuidate mi lindo sapito lol mi dios te me proteja y te vaya bien en tu viaje siempre te extrañare

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