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Jun '13

Wishes and fishes

Driving home tonight, I am reminded of the things I wanted most when I was lost in the rest of the world; the warm embrace of a loved one, and to drive my own vehicle wherever I wanted. So simple, but so hard to find.

I look at the luxuries we afford ourselves; psychotherapy, massages, xxx, chiropractic care… and I marvel that anyone could be unhappy here.

I told everyone I encountered from any walk of life that I still believed the USA was the best place to live in the world. I believe that to this day. We have our issues here, for certain, and we have a quality of life that allows us to either overlook them or address them as we choose.

I am so fortunate to have the things I wanted most. A vehicle and the freedom to use it when and how I like. Loving friends and a beautiful significant other.

If someone hugged you today, and if you have freedom of movement, consider yourself fortunate, and please don’t squander those precious gifts. You already have everything you need.

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