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Mar '11

Saigon Sunrise

It’s late.

I’m tired. I’m watching the ants run around my screen, keyboard, and mirror and I’m just sitting here lacking any great volition.

This week, I’ve been beaten, massaged, arrested, and robbed… I’ve been in three different countries, bought motorcycles, got a flat tire, been in three accidents, and toured a foreign city with a local who learned English by watching porn.

Yeah, I’m tired.

I’m in Saigon, my new number is +841217683864. This is the second phone number I have acquired in Vietnam as my first simcard, along with my gallant and enduring Motorola Q9 were stolen today by *drumroll* a taxi driver! You will be missed, old friend.

Just checking in. Much love, everybody. More stories to come.


2 comments to “Saigon Sunrise”

  1. paula Says:

    your life is anything but ordinary, I would love to hear your stories while sipping coffee or any other liquid. Hugs 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    Thx for the text last week. Reminds me of back in ’08 but at a 250% intl surchage. LOL. Safe travels my friend.

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