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Feb '11

Training: Muay Thai and Massage

Quick update: I’m back in Thailand for more training. I’ll be here for about a month between Chiang Mai and Phuket Thai; massage, Reiki, and Muay Thai practice. Thai number is still the same:


While we are all going about our lives, please, everyone who knows the Gonzales family, spare a moment of prayer or a phone call to let them know that even now we remember them and the light their son brought to our lives.

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1 Comment » to “Training: Muay Thai and Massage”

  1. Nani Says:

    Querido amiguito! Watashi wa ureshii desu! I got your postcard from Thailand, domo! I would very much like to read your blog on Japan, pls email me the link? Onegai shimasu? 🙂

    So far it looks like we’ll do Tokyo, Hakone for Fuji-san, and Kyoto. We’ll get the JR Pass and try to stay at a Ryokan or two. Depending on time and funds we might add Hiroshima. Let me ask you, did you get any kind of travel insurance? If so, any suggestions?

    In the meantime I’m starting to practice Nihongo again and hope the contact I made at the consulate can hook me up with a native speaker! 🙂

    Como siempre, besos y abrazos y que los angelitos te sigan protegiendo.


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