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Feb '11

Year One

A friend told me recently that I tend to write things that no one but me will understand. I suppose it is ok if this turns out to be one of those things.

A year ago today, following several days of airports and delays ,I left the USA, not knowing at the time I would lose the thing I valued most in the world, but find so much of myself; old and new.

I’ve gone through phases on this trip. Phases where all I could think about was a girl back home. Phases where I thought I could never leave my hammock. Phases where all I wanted to do was head back to the USA and hide from the weird wide world. Phases where I wanted a job and phases where I was afraid of the prospect of ever needing to work again.

I have learned a lot about love. I have learned to simply love and not worry about whether I am loved in return. Now that I have figured it out, it seems strange when I see others who haven’t “got it” yet. It seems strange that it was ever a foreign concept.

I’ve learned to be happy with nothing more than silence. I have learned to relish the company of friends because once you know these things every stranger is just a friend waiting to happen. I have learned that new friends don’t replace the old ones.

I learned that it’s ok to be sad and that dying from a life well lived is a better thing than living forever in the shadow of fear or inadequacy.

I have learned how to communicate with people in many languages, but I still think the best way is a smile and a hug.

I don’t know what kind of anniversary this is, and I’m not even sure it is something to be celebrated. If something does get celebrated, though, I hope it is more the feeling I left in a persons heart than any time frame I managed to keep on the move. I hope it is a small ache, or a secret smile that someone will remember; not just today, but often and without fanfare.

To everyone who has been a part of this scary and marvelous year, I say, “Thank you.”


2 comments to “Year One”

  1. Jo Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!! You have no idea how proud I am of you for making this fantastic journey!!! You are an incredible man and I am thrilled over all the lessons you have learned and have yet to learn as you travel across this incredible spinning blue ball!!! Thank you for being my Superman and rescuing me in Italy! Love ya always and forever!!! Take care of you!

  2. A.B Says:

    I got all the post cards, have more safe travels. Congrats!

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