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Oct '10

Worth the wait! (Ihope…)

So, following a small acciden in September, my laptop has been a glorified paperweight. It is now in the repair shop in Rome that *may* be able to resurrect it, but I won’t know until next week. Please excuse the interruption in service, as two weeks without a computer has put a dent in my productivity.

See you soon! Adesso!


3 comments to “Worth the wait! (Ihope…)”

  1. Jo Says:

    hahhaa… I love that it is filed under a PSA. That cracks me up. Hey, here is something I am requesting. Can you set up a mail list so that when you update this bad girl blog of yours, the fans can get a little email alert saying, “Dave has just posted awesomeness, go read it now.”… or something to that effect. 🙂

    Grazie Bello!

  2. Nani Says:

    David, donde estas?

    Arregla tu computadora para continuar leyendo sobre tus aventuras!! Por mi parte te quiero contar, estoy considerando entrar al NAVY Officer Candidate School, te dare mas detalles cuando pongas tu pagina web al dia. 🙂

    Te extrano mucho! Abrazos!


  3. Dave Says:

    OCS! Holy Cow! No estoy seguro puedes montar una moto sobre agua, pero si alguna persona puede este persona esta ti! Estoy pensando en italiano en este momento, entonces lo siento para incorrecto gramatico.

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