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Sep '10

Public Service Announcement: Theft Prevention

PSA: People want to steal your stuff.

Yes, it’s true; not everyone is your friend. In fact, while some people may be exemplary citizens who truly understand that the Tourism industry benefits their country and everyone in it, many would rather help themselves to your money and belongings. This is a bit short sighted, I know, but it’s a little hard to reason with someone running full tilt down a dark alleyway with your goods. Better to protect yourself ahead of time, than complain about it after it happens. One of the most oft lost items is the digital camera.

Having lost some camera equipment myself, I’ve devised this foolproof (so far) method of keeping your camera safe from wandering hands. Simply slide the wrist strap of your camera through the belt loop closest to the pocket you wish to store it in, then slip the camera through the loop on the far side. This effectively locks the camera in place.

And then drop it into your pocket.

Yes, when extracting the camera for a shot, it takes a couple of extra seconds. Personally, I prefer this to reaching for a camera that is no longer there.

Hopefully this will help a few people to hold onto their belongings where I and others have not. This can also be used very effectively with almost all modern cel phones, as they haveĀ  place to attach similar loops.

Obviously, it is not impossible to rip the camera away and destroy the belt loop. This is just intended to discourage would-be theives and give you enough time to react if someone tries to grab it. As always, be aware in crowded areas and if the crowd suddenly seems to be jostling you a lot, cover all your pockets and take emergency action.


2 comments to “Public Service Announcement: Theft Prevention”

  1. Jo Says:

    Do you still have your Canon?

  2. Dave Says:

    yes, of course. Though I am thinking I would like a newer one. Used a D450 the other day that I fell in love with!

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