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Aug '16

An Exit

Another grand adventure unfolds under my feet… Arriving at the airport today, I felt the hum of excitement building in me. The familiar return to a building that sees every permutation of human emotion every day. My experiences in airports have often been so emotionally charged that I can’t be near one without feeling that […]

Aug '16

A Quickie

I am off again. The idea of a Eurotrip this summer actually materialized last year, but my partner dropped out. After the bombings and madness in Istanbul, I really started to worry about friends and wondered what their lives were live; I wanted to go see for myself. Add in that Zsofi is having her […]

Jun '15

American Sandwich

And now it’s time for a new adventure. Starting in June, I left my old stomping grounds in Arizona, rode through Mexico, along the Sea of Cortez, and am now a third of the way up the Pacific Coast to Canada! I’ve never been to Canada before, or to some of the parts of Mexico I […]

Jun '13

Wishes and fishes

Driving home tonight, I am reminded of the things I wanted most when I was lost in the rest of the world; the warm embrace of a loved one, and to drive my own vehicle wherever I wanted. So simple, but so hard to find. I look at the luxuries we afford ourselves; psychotherapy, massages, […]

Oct '11

Chicago: The Main Event!

I’m loose on the town for the next two days, and tonight I have the decided honor of being part of the panel of experts to take part in the MeetPlanGo National Event for 2011. And that isn’t even the best part… They say, “Never meet your heroes.” Today, I couldn’t disagree more. One of […]

Sep '11

Meet Plan Go 2011: Chicago!

I am really excited about this! Since I’ve returned I have had a lot of conversations with people about the trip, and it’s been good, and sometimes hard, for me to talk about things; once I start really describing a place or event to someone else the memories come back and I start to remember […]

Feb '11

Training: Muay Thai and Massage

Quick update: I’m back in Thailand for more training. I’ll be here for about a month between Chiang Mai and Phuket Thai; massage, Reiki, and Muay Thai practice. Thai number is still the same: +66833922967 While we are all going about our lives, please, everyone who knows the Gonzales family, spare a moment of prayer […]

Nov '10

Giving Thanks: 2010 Edition

This year, I am in Israel. A place I really never thought I would go. And now I am here… looking for some semblance of purpose. This place is full of purpose. The populace here is surrounded by problems. They live in the shadow of war and go shopping with assault rifles. They know people […]

Jul '10

So, I leave again…

North Carolina. Independence. U-haul. Tears. Bus. New York. Jasper. Running through Brooklyn. Eating Red Bamboo. High Line. Dumpling house. Pictures of pictures. New Jersey. Train. Bus. Airport. The ground is flying by so fast my head and heart are spinning. it’s blurring and this cabin is so sterile. I want to taste the USA one […]

Jun '10

Black Belts and Farewells in NC

So, my return to NC has been short lived. My return was not all I had hoped it would be, not the triumphant return but more of a slow meticulous tally of all the things that can go wrong in a life when you aren’t looking. So, it is time to move on again; leave […]