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Sep '16

What we actually need…

My lovely new friend, Lena, gave me this quote recently. Since then, I have bought this the author’s book. A change of situation often offers a change in perspective and an opportunity for growth that we may never have if we stay put. That being said… pack accordingly. I have been known to say that […]

Aug '16

Just the tip… s?

So maybe time for a new dash of my new favorite tricks when taking on a new place. There is a lot of great info out there on this, and other, sites. If you have any others that you want to add, put them in the comments below! In no particular order: Google the airport […]

Sep '14

How to not lose your job…

  So many people talk to me about a desire to travel and see the world. People who have their lives together; a career, a house, maybe a family. ¬†While none of these are going to stop you from traveling, they may seem daunting at first. I ran across this article speaking specifically to people […]

Oct '11

Chicago: The Main Event!

I’m loose on the town for the next two days, and tonight I have the decided honor of being part of the panel of experts to take part in the MeetPlanGo National Event for 2011. And that isn’t even the best part… They say, “Never meet your heroes.” Today, I couldn’t disagree more. One of […]

Sep '11

Meet Plan Go 2011: Chicago!

I am really excited about this! Since I’ve returned I have had a lot of conversations with people about the trip, and it’s been good, and sometimes hard, for me to talk about things; once I start really describing a place or event to someone else the memories come back and I start to remember […]