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Nov '11

Selling the bikes; parting with friends.

I’m selling the bikes today. I’m a little sad, and a little relieved. They weren’t free, and they were quite troublesome. That being said, these two monstrosities truly were the other members of the trip. They had personalities and problems just as much as did Michelle and myself. They became our friends. The bike sales […]

Sep '11

Ha Long in a day

Be Careful. Everything you can read online about Ha Long Bay says this. It’s for real, you can spend a great deal of money quickly and unnecessarily while experiencing Ha Long Bay. Upon arriving in Hanoi, Michelle and I were, for the first time since we got them, without our bikes. It was strange and […]

Jul '11

Saigon Tom’s intro to Vietnam

From roughly March, 20, 2011 What a jumpstart… what do I talk about first… My guide to Saigon, the city actually named Ho Chi Minh City but I think that name sucks so I am calling it Saigon, is a local named Tom. Tom speaks English. He is self taught… from watching porn and talking […]

Apr '11

Jenky and Dodge: The Hai Van Pass-port extravaganza

Upon waking on the dang train to Danang, Michelle had some good news for me. The passports were being couriered up to our hotel in Hoi An and would be arriving the following morning. Our hotel in Hoi An knew of the mess and would let us stay there without our passports; flouting government policy. […]

Apr '11

Jenky and Dodge: Spa Day and the lost Passports

After the muddy abuse the bikes took the day before, we decided it was time to handle some cosmetic issues with a good bath. This nearly cost me my life. The bikes both have drum brakes, front and rear, which are not as responsive as the disk brakes I am accustomed to. Driving through the […]

Mar '11

Vietnam Road Trip: Day 4

The most exciting day of motorcycling I have ever experienced. Listen to me, all of you; listen to me, NOW! Go to Vietnam, get a good motorbike, ride to Da Lat, then take the 723 to the 2 into Nha Trang. This was amazing. We rode through mountains so high we actually went above the […]

Mar '11

Vietnam Road Trip: Day 3

Finding a rythum. The morning turned out to be wildly successful. We found a dedicated suspension shop to replace the whole of Michelle’s rear suspension. Then another shop to add some juice to her battery and replace her spark plug. Jenky was looking good. This is important because we were about to do our longest […]

Mar '11

Vietnam Road Trip: Day 2

Getting better! 6 hours, 180 kilometers, 24 hours behind schedule. Vietnam is truly a land of smells. Food, manure, fish, ocean, manure… did I say manure? The country side is beautiful. It is also erratic and incongruous. We managed, with Michelle’s marvelous translation services, to find a truly award winning metalsmith who refashioned my kickstand/footpeg […]

Mar '11

Vietnam Road Trip: Day 1

7 hours, 130 kilometers, and we are a day behind schedule. ¬†They have a word for people like us: Overachievers. Dodge, my filthy¬†conveyance, managed a flat tire to start off with, then towards the end of the day, the left footpeg and kickstand completely broke off the bike. Jenky, Michelle’s bike, started leaking oil and […]

Mar '11

Saigon Sunrise

It’s late. I’m tired. I’m watching the ants run around my screen, keyboard, and mirror and I’m just sitting here lacking any great volition. This week, I’ve been beaten, massaged, arrested, and robbed… I’ve been in three different countries, bought motorcycles, got a flat tire, been in three accidents, and toured a foreign city with […]