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Aug '16

A Quickie

I am off again. The idea of a Eurotrip this summer actually materialized last year, but my partner dropped out. After the bombings and madness in Istanbul, I really started to worry about friends and wondered what their lives were live; I wanted to go see for myself. Add in that Zsofi is having her […]

Dec '10

Return to Istanbul

Yes, it’s true! I’m back in Istanbul for a couple weeks and will be taking some Turkish language classes and drinking my weight in Turkish coffee. The new phone number is +90-0539-871-9069, so give me a ring if you are in the neighborhood. I just attended a Couchsurfing.com group meeting tonight, ate gland & intestine […]

Oct '10

Arafta bir yabancı: my Turkish life

Araf means: limbo… between life and dead where you can’t be alive or dead and you can’t touch either of them. Arafta bir yabancı means ‘a stranger in Araf.’ This was the name Eda gave me. But Eda comes later. Ten Hours on a bus: I practiced Turkish; by the end I could say, hello, […]

Sep '10

Turkish Coffee a la Eda

What you’ll need Turkish Coffee Turkish Coffee maker adjustable heat source sugar water coffee/tea cups girl from Turkey Ok, so maybe not that last one, but that’s where I got the recipe, so let’s roll. First off, this is to make two cups of coffee. Start by taking two heaping teaspoons of Turkish coffee and […]