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Aug '16

I think my pig is whistling!

Frankfurt has been fun, and my stay here far too short. I’m packing up after 4 days to head to Austria for the first MotoGP race there in about 20 years. I’m marginally excited. 🙂 I have spent my time here either head down in work, or wandering the streets, or Straßen, repeating German phrases over […]

Aug '16

An Exit

Another grand adventure unfolds under my feet… Arriving at the airport today, I felt the hum of excitement building in me. The familiar return to a building that sees every permutation of human emotion every day. My experiences in airports have often been so emotionally charged that I can’t be near one without feeling that […]

Aug '16

A Quickie

I am off again. The idea of a Eurotrip this summer actually materialized last year, but my partner dropped out. After the bombings and madness in Istanbul, I really started to worry about friends and wondered what their lives were live; I wanted to go see for myself. Add in that Zsofi is having her […]

Aug '10

My Fair Berlin!

I’m not very good at telling the future. Often the places I thought I should avoid, or that I planned on glazing over, become some of my favorite eperiences. Guatemala was an example of this. Berlin is another; this city gave me a lot to think about. I had never given much thought to my […]