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Feb '11

Year One

A friend told me recently that I tend to write things that no one but me will understand. I suppose it is ok if this turns out to be one of those things. A year ago today, following several days of airports and delays ,I left the USA, not knowing at the time I would […]

Dec '10

Return to Istanbul

Yes, it’s true! I’m back in Istanbul for a couple weeks and will be taking some Turkish language classes and drinking my weight in Turkish coffee. The new phone number is +90-0539-871-9069, so give me a ring if you are in the neighborhood. I just attended a Couchsurfing.com group meeting tonight, ate gland & intestine […]

Oct '10

Italy: Exit Interview

So after over a month in Italy, I am finally leaving. I am in Rome for the third time and finally staying at Yellow; which is as good as they say. It is a testament to the amount of activity these weeks have been filled with that I have written almost nothing even now that […]

Oct '10

Camerino: Cold City, Warm Hearts

I am a newborn child. These words mean nothing to me. There is no form or meaning or structure in them, but the tone and cadence are the audible world and those mean everything. The wrong tone is enough to send me to war, and the correct soothing croon is enough to make me fall […]

Oct '10

When meeting strangers in Bologna: A Ducati Love Story

Baci: (n) kiss, buss, osculation (the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)) In many places in the world, excluding the USA, there exists a kind of chocolate called Baci. I had my first in Italy, and they are pretty darn good. They all come with phrases inside like “Each kiss is […]

Oct '10

Napoli, Sorrento, and the Amalfi Coast

Napoli: The bad boy of the South. Most tourists who come to Italy are given at least a quick precaution about Napoli. Purported home of a few organized crime factions, it gets something of a bad rap. My host, Giovanni, does something to mitigate these rumors. Each and every visitor to Giovanni’s Home, his hostel […]

Oct '10

A real Pisa Italy

Pisa was one of those silly touristy things that I knew I was going to do and felt a little guilty about it. Everyone knows about The Leaning Tower, but almost no one knows about anything else that goes on there. For good reason, I suppose. Just why the heck is it leaning? It’s Science! […]

Oct '10

Tuscany: Now you’re cooking!

Tuscan food is celebrated, and for good reason: it is delicious! Florence is an excellent base for getting into this sort of thing if you are interested in it as it is near so much of the Tuscan countryside and home to a number of great cooking schools. Being the cheapskates that we are, Jo […]

Oct '10

Florence on Fleet Feet

Monkey Launchers can be a useful tool on the Italian rails. The train into Florence was slower than we anticipated. For a reason still unknown to us, we stopped about 30 minutes from Florence and sat in the train for about 2 hours. This made us pretty late getting in to Florence. Luckily, I used […]

Oct '10

Cinque Terre

In terms of raw atmosphere, you can’t beat Cinque Terre. These little towns, joined together by a rail line and a foot path, are all you could ask for in terms of picturesque Italian country and coast. The towns differ quite a bit from one to the next, though my favorite is Corniglia, it has […]