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Jun '10

Black Belts and Farewells in NC

So, my return to NC has been short lived. My return was not all I had hoped it would be, not the triumphant return but more of a slow meticulous tally of all the things that can go wrong in a life when you aren’t looking. So, it is time to move on again; leave […]

Feb '10

More from the Land of No…

Miami has welcomed me with open, albeit rainy, arms. I’ll be staying here for the night at the Crowne Plaza courtesy of American Airlines. I’m eating a leftover southwest tuna wrap from Au Bon Pain, courtesy of my wallet. I’m reading through the Central America Lonely Planet book in preparation of what I hope will […]

Feb '10

Miami: The Land of No.

So in the grand tradition of American Airlines, my flight from Miami to Belize City has been canceled. I’m scouring the terminals and I can’t seem to find any cellular service or coffee shop of any size or brand anywhere! Surprisingly there are bars all over the place; literally places that serve nothing but alcohol. […]

Jan '10

False Start

Please see Agent. These lovely words stared back at me from the kiosk check in screen at American Airlines. They tried to act innocent, but I knew what came next. I had the flight time wrong for my departure to Miami, and would not be able to make it there in enough time to catch […]

Jan '10

Jumping off

Wind in my face, voice screaming in my ear from behind, the count too short to be imposing, I’ve never done anything like this. 3- What was I supposed to do? 2- I’m grinning because I don’t understand what comes next. 1- He doesn’t wait for “go.” I’m thrown from the open plane door into […]