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Apr '10

Cocaine, the Peruvian Police, and bus companies that Suck!

Never, ever, ride with the Litoral bus company. Also, please plan ahead when attempting a border crossing. Details as follows. In the lobby at Loki I caught a glimpse of possible one of the most unique faces I have ever seen. I remembered it from the thermal baths near Machu Pichu, both Mauricio and I […]

Apr '10

Jugo de Rana, Peruvian Delight

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, that says Frog Juice. If you are like me, you immediately hit google to see if it was available near you. No, it is probably not. This is something that seems to be indigenous to Peru. When I was much younger, Joecartoon.com had a version of this […]

Apr '10

Cuzco, Peru and the famed Machu Picchu

“I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” These words have never been more applicable than when referencing the Jungle Trek to Machu Picchu. I arrived at Cusco with an email directing me to come to Loki Hostel and see if they had room for me. I arrived […]

Mar '10

Arequipa, Peru: The White City

I TRULY wish I had taken more pictures here. The city of Arequipa is sprawling; truly spread out. This is something you would never know if you came here. The city center and everything nearby does a fantastic job of appearing very small. Everything is walkable, and the city lacks much of the smog and […]

Mar '10

Downtime in Peru

Taking advantage of a sick day today. As I’m finally able to sit up straight, I’ll do what I can to catch you up on Peru. After the mess at the Peruvian border I really didn’t want to like Peru. I thought I would breeze through here, hit Machu Pichu and head to Bolivia. Such […]

Mar '10

Peru is F@#$%^&*ing Dangerous, and other well known facts.

When was the last time you used counterfit money to pay for something? When was the last time you saw a gunfight? When was the last time someone tried to kidnap you? Before today, I may not have been able to answer these questions, but now, thanks to the miracle of the Ecuador-Peru border near […]