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Feb '11

Year One

A friend told me recently that I tend to write things that no one but me will understand. I suppose it is ok if this turns out to be one of those things. A year ago today, following several days of airports and delays ,I left the USA, not knowing at the time I would […]

Oct '10

When meeting strangers in Bologna: A Ducati Love Story

Baci: (n) kiss, buss, osculation (the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)) In many places in the world, excluding the USA, there exists a kind of chocolate called Baci. I had my first in Italy, and they are pretty darn good. They all come with phrases inside like “Each kiss is […]

Sep '10

La Garganta del Diablo; Iguazú Falls, Argentina

The Devil’s Throat. That’s a pretty commanding name for a bunch of water. Joe and I were in magnificent spirits the whole ride to Iguazú. Joking all through the day and laughing at the ridiculous movies on the screen above us in our posh-tastic bus. We weren’t the only ones. One specific laugh pealed out […]

Jun '10

Córdoba magic: Lomito Completo, and the Red Death

Labor Day. Meaning that no one is actually doing any labor. Non-labor-doing is something that Argentines take very seriously. The town looked dead. We had booked some days at a place called Córdoba Backpackers. After much walking, and very little signage, we arrived at our chosen crashpad only to be met with some confused resistance. […]

Jun '10

How to get a police escort in Argentina

We knew things had reached a peak when Pablo offered us his ex girlfriend saying, “Two guys, no problem for her.” Luckily for us, she was back in Buenos Aires and we were in Mendoza. I skipped a few steps there, so let me backtrack. Mendoza is an easy night bus ride from Buenos Aires. […]

Jun '10

Buenos Aires Photo Gallery

Buenos Aires was HUGE for me. This place was a constant wonderland filled with amazing characters. Despite getting my camera stolen just a few days into the adventure, we managed to get a ton of pictures of everything we ran into. Here are some of the highlights that are just too good to keep to […]

Jun '10

Buenos Aires and the reunion of Team Awesome

It is hard for me to actually put into words just how excited I am about this one. After over three months of traveling solo, I am about to be reunited with one of my closest mates.  Traveling from the USA to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, […]

Jun '10

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

I knew that getting out of San Pedro would be a challenge, but I thought I had timed it right. I was wrong. Timing is pretty difficult in Latin America for a North American. Punctuality is encouraged and expected more than most places in the world short of Japan. To try to plan trips and […]

Jun '10

The Atacama Exodus and the famed Chile Border Crossing; Uyuni Day 3

There were no neighbors. Just piles of rocks and holes in the ground. The fart smell of steam, the welcome scent of gas cans in orange pyramids on top of the jeeps. The Atacama Geysers. This morning was cold, as I mentioned before, and nearly lightless. The geysers that had drawn us out of bed […]

Jun '10

The Atacama High Desert; Day 2 of Uyuni Tour

It’s cold. The kind of cold that makes you think about what good firewood the bodies of your friends would make. We are all just meat popsicles. I can see my breath in the air in front of computer screen. We had two hours of power earlier from a gas generator somewhere on the premises […]