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Feb '11

Tarantulas for dinner!

Following the great success of the Khmer cooking class, several of us decided to meet up at the #1 rated restaurant in Phnom Penh: Romdeng. The whole menu was stellar. The attendees for the event just seemed to multiply until we had assimilated all the nearby tables and were building an ever growing web of falang. For […]

Feb '11

Frizz: Khmer Cooking at it’s best!

It’s no secret that this trip has been all about discovery. Self discovery, and discovering the world. One of the best (and strangest) parts of this has been discovering new food! The Khmer Empire ruled over much of South East Asia a thousand years ago. Nowadays, you can find hints of their cuisine on the menu is […]

Nov '10

Essaouira market fun!

You can find very interesting things in an Arabian market. Though, even more interesting might be the people who are buying them. I’ve said many times how much I loved Essaouira and the people in it. One of the highlights was an evening some of us spent wandering the old market with Mohamed. I compiled […]

Oct '10

Tuscany: Now you’re cooking!

Tuscan food is celebrated, and for good reason: it is delicious! Florence is an excellent base for getting into this sort of thing if you are interested in it as it is near so much of the Tuscan countryside and home to a number of great cooking schools. Being the cheapskates that we are, Jo […]

Sep '10

Turkish Coffee a la Eda

What you’ll need Turkish Coffee Turkish Coffee maker adjustable heat source sugar water coffee/tea cups girl from Turkey Ok, so maybe not that last one, but that’s where I got the recipe, so let’s roll. First off, this is to make two cups of coffee. Start by taking two heaping teaspoons of Turkish coffee and […]

Apr '10

Jugo de Rana, Peruvian Delight

For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, that says Frog Juice. If you are like me, you immediately hit google to see if it was available near you. No, it is probably not. This is something that seems to be indigenous to Peru. When I was much younger, Joecartoon.com had a version of this […]

Apr '10

Travel Do’s and Don’ts: Guinea Pig Tasting

In Ecuador and Peru, I have seen an item on several menu’s called Kuy. When asking around, I discovered this was actually a guinea pig indigenous to the area. Something of a delicacy, and eaten only on special occasions, the guinea pig is served whole; ears, eyes, teeth, and claws all still attached. The following […]

Mar '10

Eating Giant Ants in Bucaramanga, Santander

Santander has been a running joke between me and a friend Jason in Arizona since we had to travel there for work a few years back. Bucaramanga is in the Santander district of Colomba. When we arrive at the station, Carlos even goes to a store and buys me a container of fried ants and […]

Mar '10

Great and Lasting Mayan Contributions to the Modern World

Ok, so, when one thinks of the most memorable and enduring aspects of ancient civilization, one might think of the egyptian Pyramids or the Sphinx. Perhaps the Parthenon or Coliseum in Italy. But how about food? or better yet, how about snacks? The ancient Mayans leaned how to make a dark and tasty treat from […]